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About our store

When you come to Nature, it gives you its powers richly. When you come to us, we provide you Nature Power concentrated in its gifts – stones and copper which we use to create our jewelry. Maximum Nature power is in our handmade jewelry. We feel it, we know it, we make it!


There are some important principles of our work that make our items one-of-a-kind:

✅ The roots of our family business are in connection with our Ukrainian ancestors who knew everything about Mother Nature and its power.

✅ We use gifts of our Planet - copper, and stones – to create spiritual jewelry with unique protective features.

✅ Nature’s silhouettes inspire us to create the shapes of our jewelry.

✅ We use our inner power to fill our products with positive vibes.


All our products are a union of Nature and human energies which complete and strengthen each other. The beautiful synergy of two positive sources. Every stone jewelry in our catalog is a source of your success, health, happiness, and love. We do create powerful talismans and amulets for you because we know everything about the stones and their combinations. And we can create a unique piece of jewelry for everyone and every occasion because we take into attention zodiac signs, professions, character features, age, sex, marriage status, etc. Every detail is very important for us that’s why you will find powerful spiritual gifts for your dearest people in our shop: birthday gifts, anniversary presents, Valentine’s Day jewelry, etc.


Who we are? People behind the “EnergyMaxima” brand We are a family of artisans from Ukraine. There are 5 members of our team:

I am Yuliia (I was the first person in our family who was interested in spiritual jewelry creation. It was in 2008 when I gave birth to my first kid. It gave me a very powerful art inspiration). My husband Anton (he supported my interest in jewelry creation and also started to learn this topic. Soon he has become a very talented jeweler)

My elder sister Tatiana (she is a very good organizer and curator, she is responsible for the business process organizing - sourcing materials, legal business documentation, accounting and also she provides the perfect customer support for our customers, she registered our shop and has been managing it since then);

My younger sister Marina (she is a talented photographer, she makes the photos for our shop. She also is a shipper in our shop. She packs and ships all our jewelry pieces);

My grandma Valentina (she is an amazing woman with a young soul! She supported our jewelry-making hobby and joined the learning of jewelry creation 6 years ago. Now she is already a first-class jeweler. Besides, she is a gemologist and helps us to search for rare and collectible stones for our jewelry).


We create jewelry with natural stones and copper wire. None of us has a special art education. All of us are self-educated artisans who love our work so much. Our prior goal is to share our positive vibes and inspiration with you!